Piano solo


Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata Op.26 in A flat major
Sonata Op. 53 in C major (“Waldstein”)
Sonata Op.57 in F major (“Appassionata”)
Sonata Op.78 in F sharp major
Sonata Op. 110 in A flat major
Variations Op. 34 in F major
Rondo a capriccio Op.129 in G major

Rondo Op. 56 in G major

Johannes Brahms
Pieces Op.118, Capriccio Op.76#2

Frederic Chopin
Sonata in B minor, Op.58
Fantasia, Op.49 in F minor
Scherzos: Op. 20, B minor, Op.31 B flat minor
Etudes: Op.10, Op.25 ## 1,2,3,9,12
Ballade Op.38 in F major
Nocturnes: Op.9#2 in E flat major, Op.32#1 in B major Op.48#1 in C minor
Berceuse Op.57 in D flat major
Waltzes: Op.34#1 in A flat major, Op.34#3 in F major,
Op. 42 in A flat major, Op. 69#1 in A flat major, Op.70#3 in D flat major, in E minor
Mazurkas Opp. 17, 33
Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Brilliante, Op. 22
Polonaise, Op. 53 in A flat major

Mikhail Glinka
Variations on the theme “ Nightingale” by Alexander Alyabiev (1833)
Variations on the Scottish folk tune “The Last Rose of Summer” (1847)

Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Variations Op. 57 in F major on a Theme from Gluck’s "Armide"

Franz Joseph Haydn
Sonata, Hob. XVI/23 in F major
Variations, Hob. XVII/6 in F minor

Felix Mendelssohn
Songs without words: Op. 30##1,6, Op.38#3, Op.62 #2, Op. 67 ##1, 2, 4,
Three Capriccios Op. 33

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Fantasia K.396 (385f) in C minor
Fantasia K.397 (385g) in D minor
Rondo K.485 in D major
Allegro K.400 (372a) in B flat major
Sonata K.457 in C minor
Sonata K. 311 in D major
Sonata K. 330 in C major
Variations “Lison dormait’ K.264 in C major
Variations on a Duport Minuet K.573 in D major

Franz Liszt
Hungarian Rhapsodies: #10 in E major, #12 in C sharp minor
Transcedental Etudes: Feux Follets, Eroica, F minor
Etudes after Paganini: La Campanella, E major (La Chasse)
Concert Etudes: Gnomenreigen, F minor (Chromatique)
Sonetti del Petrarca: #104 in E Major, #123 in A flat major
Reminiscences de Lucia di Lammermoor (after Donizetti)
Chants Polonais (Chopin)

Sergei Prokoviev
Sonata #3 Op.28 in A minor
Visions fugitives Op.22
Two pieces from “Romeo and Juliet” Op.75.
Prelude Op.12#7 in C major
March from the opera “Love to Three Oranges”

Maurice Ravel
Sonatina (1903-1905) in F sharp minor

Domenico Scarlatti
Sonatas : K.1/L.366, K,33/L.424, K,380/L.23, K,118/L.122
K.9/L.413, K.430/L.463

Franz Schubert
Wandererfantasie D.760 in C major
Waltzes D.145
Impromptus D.899 #2 in E flat major, #3 in G flat major
Sonata D. 784 in A minor
Sonata D. 664 in A major

Robert Schumann
Papillons Op.2 in D major
Etudes Symphonique Op.13 in C sharp major
Kreisleriana Op.16 in G minor
Arabeske Op.18 in C major
Intermezzo from Viennese Carnival Op.26 in G flat major

Concert Arabesques on Waltzes by Johann Strauss

Carl Maria von Weber
Carl Tausig - Invitation to the Dance, J.260 in D flat major

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Piano four-hands / Two pianos


Bela Bartok
Sonata for two pianos and percussions Op. 110

Antonin Dvorak
Slavonic Dances Op.46

Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Grande Sonata Op.92 in A flat major

Darius Milhaud
Scaramouche Op.165b
La Bal Martiniquais Op.249
La Creation du Monde Op. 81

Moriz Moszkowski
Spanish Dances Op. 12

Francis Poulenc
Sonata (1952-1953)

Robert Schumann
Andante with Variations Op.46 in B flat major

Dmitri Shostakovich
Concertino in A minor (1953)

Franz Schubert
Fantasie D.940 in F minor

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Piano with orchestra


Ludwig van Beethoven
Concerto #1 Op. 15 in C major
Concerto #3 Op.37 in C minor
Concerto #4 Op. 58 in G major
Triple Concerto Op.60 in C major
Choral Fantasy Op.80 in C major

Frederic Chopin
Concerto #1 Op.11 in E minor
Concerto #2 Op.22 in F minor
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Concerto K.466 in D minor
Concerto K.488 in A major

Peter Tchaikovsky
Concerto #1 Op.23 in B flat minor

Carl Maria von Weber
Concertpiece J. 282 in A flat major

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Chamber music - Violin and piano


Johann Sebastian Bach

Sonatas for violin and cembalo BWV 1014-1019

Ludwig van Beethoven

Complete sonatas Opp. 12, 23, 24, 30, 47, 96

Lili Boulanger

D’un matin de printemps

Johannes Brahms

Three sonatas Opp. 78, 100, 108


Figaro from the The Barber of Seville

Ernest Chausson
Poeme Op.25

Claude Debussy
Sonata (1916-1917)

Frederick Delius
Sonata #3 (1930)

Edward Elgar
Sonata Op.82 in E minor

George Enescu
Sonata #2 Op.6 (1899)

Manuel de Falla
Suite popular espagnole (1914-1915)

Gabriel Faure
Sonata #1 Op.19 in A major

Cesar Franck
Sonata in A major (1886)

Edvard Grieg
Sonata #3 Op.45 in C minor

Dick Hyman

Olivier Messian
Theme and Variations (1932)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sonatas K.304 in E Minor,

K.379 in G major,
K. 376 in F Major,

K.454 in B flat major

Sergey Prokofiev
Sonata #1 Op.80 in F minor
Sonata #2 Op.94 in D major
Five melodies Op.35bis
Five pieces from Cinderella Op.97

“War and Piece” Fantasy (European and American premieres)

Maurice Ravel
Sonata (1923-1927)
Tzigane, concert rhapsody (1924)

Nicholas Roussakis

Composition: Pas de Deux (1985)

Alfred Schnittke
Quasi Una Sonata (Sonata #2) (1968)
Suite in the Old Style

Dmitri Shostakovich
Sonata, Op.134
Four preludes, Op.34

Igor Stravinsky
Suite Italienne

Franz Schubert
Fantasie D.573in C major
Sonata D934 in A major

Robert Schumann
Sonata #1 Op. 105 in A minor

Ellen Taaffe Zwillich
Sonata in three movements (1975)

Mark Zaki
Fantasie deconcertante (1994)

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Viola and piano


Johann Sebastian Bach
Three sonatas BWV 1027- 1029

Mikhail Glinka
Sonata in D minor (unfinished)

Ernest von Dohnanyi
Ruralia hungarica, Op.32c

George Enescu
Romanian rhapsody

Franz Schubert
Sonata “Arpeggione” D.821 in A minor

Robert Schumann
Fairy Tales Op.113

Alan Shulman
Theme and Variations

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Cello and piano


Ludwig van Beethoven
Complete sonatas Opp.5, 69, 102
Variations: Op.66, WoO 45, WoO 46

Johannes Brahms
Sonatas: #1 Op.38 in E minor, #2 Op. 99 in F major

Benjamin Britten
Sonata in C major (1961)

Frederic Chopin
Sonata Op.65 in G minor
Introduction and Polonaise Brilliante Op.3

Claude Debussy
Sonata in D minor (1915)

Bohuslav Martinu
Variations on a theme by Rossini (1942)

Felix Mendelssohn
Sonata #2 Op.58 in D major
Concert Variations Op.17 in D major

Gian Carlo Menotti
Sonata for two cellos and piano (1973)

Francis Poulenc
Sonata (1948)

Sergey Prokofiev
Ballade Op.19 in A minor
Sonata Op.119 in C Major

Sergey Rachmaninov
Sonata Op.19 in G minor

Dmitri Shostakovich
Sonata Op.40 in D minor

Robert Schumann

Fantasiestucke Op.73

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Flute and piano


Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata BWV 1030

Carl Czerny
Duo concertant Op.129 in G major

Franz Doppler
Fantasie pastorale hongroise Op.26

Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Sonata Op.50 in D major

Katherine Hoover
Medieval suite

Jacques Ibert
Jeux (1923)

Andre Jolivet
Chant de Linos (1944)

Frank Martin

Bohuslav Martinu
First sonata in F major (1945)

Sergey Prokoviev
Sonata Op.94 in D major

Carl Reinecke
Sonata “Undine” Op.167

Albert Roussel
Joueurs de flute Op.27

Franz Schubert
Introduction and variations on an original theme D.802

Sergey Slonimsky
Alba (In memory of Gabriel Faure), US premiere

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Clarinet and piano


Malcolm Arnold
Sonatina Op.29

Johannes Brahms
Sonatas: Op.120 #1 in F minor, Op.120 #2 in E flat major

Witold Lutoslawsky
Dance preludes

Bohuslav Martinu
Sonatina (1956)

Robert Muszynski
Time pieces, Op.43

Carl Nielsen
Concerto Op.57

Francis Poulenc
Sonata (1962)

Camille Saint-Saens
Sonata Op.167 in E flat major

Carl Maria von Weber
Duo Concertant J.204

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Bassoon and piano


Eugene Bozza

Camille Saint-Saens
Sonata Op.168

Alexander Tansman

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Horn and piano


Paul Hindemith
Sonata (1939)

Halsey Stevens

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Trios (piano trios unless otherwise indicated)


Anton Arensky
Trio Op.37 in D minor

Johann Sebastian Bach
Trio sonata BWV 1039

Bela Bartok
Contrasts for clarinet, violin and piano Op.111

Ludwig van Beethoven
Trios: Op.1 #1, Op.11, Op.70, Op. 97

Johannes Brahms
Trios: Op.8, Op. 87, Op.101
Trio Op.40 in E flat major for horn, violin and piano

Max Bruch
Four pieces Op.83 for violin, viola and piano

Carl Czerny
Fantasie Concertante Op.78 for flute, cello and piano

Maurice Durufle
Prelude, recitative et variations Op.3 for flute, viola and piano

Loiuse Ferranc
Trio Op.45 in E minor for flute, cello and piano

Mikhail Glinka
Trio Pathetique for clarinet, bassoon and piano (1832)

Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Adagio and variations on a Russian theme Op.78

Aram Khachaturian
Trio for clarinet, violin and piano

Bohuslav Martinu
Madrigal sonata for flute, violin and piano (1943)

Darius Milhaud
Suite Op.157b for clarinet, violin and piano

Felix Mendelssohn
Trios: Op.49 in D minor, Op.66 in C minor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Trios: K.496, K.564, K.548, K.542

Vitezslav Novak
Trio quasi una ballata Op.27

Sergey Rachmaninov
Trio elegiaque in G minor (1892)

Ned Rorem
Trio for flute, cello and piano in G minor

Franz Schubert
Trio D.929 in B flat major
Nocturne D.897 in E flat major

Clara Schumann
Trio Op.17 in G minor

Dmitri Shostakovich
Trio Op.67 in E minor

Igor Stravinsky
Suite from Histoire du soldat for clarinet, violin and piano (1919)

Georgi Sviridov
Trio in A minor (1955)

Peter Tchaikovsky
Trio Op.50 in A minor

Joaquin Turina
Trios: Op.35, Op.76

Carl Maria von Weber
Trio J.259 for flute, cello and piano

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Quartets (piano quartets unless otherwise indicated)


Johannes Brahms
Quartets: Op.25 in G minor, Op.60 in C minor

Elisenda Fabregas -

Gabriel Faure
Quartet Op.15 in C minor

Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel
Quartet (1822)

Guilliaume Lekeu
Quartet in B minor (1894, unfinished)

Gustav Mahler
Quartet in G minor (1876)

Felix Mendelssohn
Quartet Op.1#3 in B minor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Quartets: K.478 in G minor, K.493 in E flat major

Canille Saint-Saens
Barcarolle Op.108 in F major

Robert Schumann
Quartet Op.47 in E flat minor

Sergey Taneyev
Quartet Op.20 in E major

Georg Philip Telemann
Tafel-Music in D Minor for flute, violin, cello and piano

Joaquin Turina
Quartet Op.67

Carl Maria von Weber
Quartet J.76 in B flat major

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Quintets (piano quintets unless otherwise indicated)


Ludwig van Beethoven
Quintet Op.16 for piano and winds

Luigi Boccherini
Quintet The Night Watch in Madrid, Op.67 in C major

Alexander Borodin
Quintet in C minor (1862)

Antonin Dvorak
Quintet Op.81 in A major

Alfred Schnittke
Quintet (1972)

Franz Schubert
The Trout Quintet D.667 for string trio, double bass and piano

Robert Schumann
Quintet Op.44 in E flat major

Dmitri Shostakovich
Quintet Op.57 in G major

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Ernest Chausson
Chanson Perpetuel for soprano and piano quintet

Gerald Chenoweth
Sextet for string quartet, piano and double bass (World premiere)

Mikhail Glinka
Gran sestetto originale for string quartet, piano and double bass (1832)

Sergey Prokofiev
Overture on a Jewish theme Op.34 for clarinet and piano quintet

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Vocal sets and art songs


by Dominic Argento, Samuel Barber, Alban Berg, Ludwig van Beethoven, Georges Bizet, William Bolcom, Alexander Borodin, Johannes Brahms, Benjamin Britten, Ernest Chausson, Aaron Copland, Alexander Dargomyzhsky, Claude Debussy, Manuel De Falla, Gabriel Faure, Alberto Ginastera, Mikhail Glinka, Ian Ricky Gordon, Joseph Haydn, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Lee Hoiby, Arthur Honegger, Charles Ives, Franz Lachner, Franz Liszt, Charles Martin Loeffler, Gustav Mahler, Felix Mendelssohn, Gian Carlo Menotti, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Modest Mussorgsky, Francis Poulenc, Sergey Prokofiev, Sergey Rachmaninov, Maurice Ravel, Camille Saint-Saens, Franz Schubert, Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, Arnold Schonberg, Dmitri Shostakovich, Sergey Slonimsky, Richard Strauss, Igor Stravinsky, Sergey Taneyev, Piotr I. Tchaikovsky, William Walton, Kurt Weil, Hugo Wolf, Alexander Zemlinsky.

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