Piano Comfort

Piano Comfort is a consulting service offering simple and effective solutions for many typical problems of piano playing. All recommendations are based on the principles of relaxed natural interaction of hands and body with the keyboard.

The Areas of Expertise:

1. The principles of comfortable piano playing
2. The easy path to technical improvements
3. The practical solutions to common technical problems
4. The sight-reading techniques and approaches
5. The efficient piano practice
6. The practical application of fingering
7. The benefits of chamber music
8. The repertoire advisory
9. The original fingerings and their meaning in the works of great composers
10. The tone production and how to improve it
11. The role of relaxation in dealing with hand injuries
12. The principles of phrasing

Workshops, lectures and seminars are based on the ideas of relaxation and application of weight for prevention of muscle strains and typical professional ailments.
Piano students of all levels, piano teachers and adult amateurs could benefit from all suggested activities. All seminars and lectures are interactive with the extensive input from the audience.